Annual Report
FY 2021/2022


“Fuelled by our relentless focus on growth initiatives in FY 2021/2022, we are well-prepared to further withstand the unsettled market dynamics.”

Tarek Müller, Co-Founder and Co-CEO for Marketing & Brand

As our first year as a publicly listed company, the financial year 2021/2022 further verified the resilience and adaptability of ABOUT YOU’s business model. Even though Covid-19 has brought to light severe vulnerabilities in the global supply chain, we are truly proud that our Company has lived up to its high expectations and managed to meet the ambitious growth targets across all segments.

We worked hard to leverage our growth. Constantly in motion, we have made significant progress with our four strategic priorities to improve the customer experience, optimise the assortment in our ABOUT YOU online shop as our core product, expand our international footprint, and scale our B2B business.


2021/2022 2020/2021
User sessions per month (LTM in million) 135.7 89.5
Mobile sessions (LTM in % of user sessions) 85.4 83.4
Active customers (LTM in million) 11.4 8.4
Number of orders (LTM in million) 32.9 23.2
Average order frequency (LTM) 2.9 2.7
Average order value (LTM in EUR incl. VAT) 57.8 57.1
Group results of operations
Revenue (in EUR million) 1,731.6 1,166.5
Adjusted EBITDA (in EUR million) (66.9) (35.5)
Adjusted EBITDA (as % of revenue) (3.9) (3.0)
Group net assets and financial position
Equity ratio (as % of total assets) 49.3 12.1
Free cash flow (in EUR million) (155.9) (25.4)
Other key figures
Employees (as of the reporting date) 1,172 855


YoY Group revenue growth
YoY Tech, Media, and Enabling
revenue growth
YoY active customers LTM
in Financial Year 2021/2022


#AYinMotion reflects ABOUT YOU‘s path to achieve its vision of becoming the global #1 fashion platform. Never standing still, ABOUT YOU has expanded into new markets, it has increased its distribution centre capacity and its B2B offering, and it has enlarged its COOPs.

The Go-to-Market Playbook

ABOUT YOU’s go-to-market playbook provides a phased market ramp-up approach: In a first high-level assessment, the strategic and operational fit of the market is evaluated. After, the soft launch phase fuels the collection of cohort data and the building of a local influencer network. Especially cohort data with regards to CAC and LTV are monitored. The four-week campaign to create initial brand awareness, the so-called Big Bang campaign, is split into a teaser phase and a launch day with large-scale social media and performance marketing measures. Then, ABOUT YOU drives conversion in a heavy customer acquisition phase to scale the market. In the mid-term, the market is expected to hit break-even and remain profitable.
Big Bang
Big Bang
Soft Launch




ESG REPORT 2021/2022

ABOUT YOU's ESG Report 2021/2022 is scheduled for 31 May 2022. Afterward, it can be accessed and downloaded below.